Name: Dixie & Chuck Bartle
Position: Parent of Michael Blake Fans

“Michael, the impact of your music on our children has been amazing.  Our eldest daughter requested ‘Open the Door’ to be played every night at bedtime from a young age.  As she got older she started quoting the messages and lyrics in her daily experiences.  The messages are positive and real and young children can relate to them and use them as tools to understanding life.

As parents, we promoted your music to our children as we like the fact that your music has a real message and our children were enjoying the entertainment value of the songs as well as learning about their feelings, peace and so many other important character building issues.  They did have exposure to the mainstream children’s entertainers as youngsters but they have long dropped their appreciation of  ’cold spaghetti’ and alike.  They do enjoy contemporary ‘adult’ music now but they have also held onto your music; it has stood the test of time and is an integral part of their childhood.  I’m sure they will be quoting your messages through out their life and singing your songs to their children.  It must make you feel so good to know of the impact you have made.  You have a special talent, thank you for sharing it.”

Yours sincerely
Dixie & Chuck Bartle

Name: Robyn
Position: Educator (20 years) and Parent

As an educator and as a parent I have been thrilled to discover Michael Blake’s music.
Having worked and travelled extensively overseas
I have worked with many musicians targeting children.

Michael Blake does this and more. 
My life is now filled with the voice of Michael Blake – inspiring, uplifting, thought provoking and fun for people of ALL ages!

Yours sincerely
Robyn Cooper

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  • Happy Day Music Is...

    Happy Day Music is: Renowned children's songwriter and performer Michael Blake. His songs send messages to children about self-esteem, positive values, peace and harmony, healthy living and conservation.

    Based in Perth, Michael offers his school program to schools right across Australia including Outback school tours.

    Michael introduces children to positive thinking through a fun program of wonderful original songs with a great message.

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