Name: David Faulkner
Position: Director of School Performance, Barkly (former Principal Halls Creek DHS)

I have had the pleasure of working with ‘Outback Paddy’ over the past 10 years at a variety of different schools across Western Australia. He delivers his messages to students in a highly entertaining fashion – messages that are relevant and current to students today. His messages of positive self-image, personal health and striving to be the best you can, be along with his joyful songs about this great country that we live in make him a fantastic visiting artist for schools. He has a great rapport with children and from every experience that I had with him the reports back from teachers and students have been very positive.

Yours sincerely
David Faulkner

Name: Jan Dunlop
Position: Early Childhood Teacher (Winthrop Primary School)

Michael Blake has been a familiar face at our Kindergarten and Pre-Primary for many years. This Irish accented, guitar playing ‘Music Man’ engages the young children with his enthusiastic, upbeat and fun persona. His songs poignantly support values in our cross-curriculum, integrated program by promoting increased self-esteem and self-belief; concern for others and world peace; and care of our world and its resources. His harmonic, positive songs appeal to both the children and their families. We regularly play the CD in the classroom and have parents who want to know more about these inspirational songs that their children are singing at home or in the car. Michael, the class knows your music from Kindergarten and is excitedly awaiting your Pre-Primary visit. Thanks for the music!

Yours sincerely
Jan Dunlop

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  • Happy Day Music Is...

    Happy Day Music is: Renowned children's songwriter and performer Michael Blake. His songs send messages to children about self-esteem, positive values, peace and harmony, healthy living and conservation.

    Based in Perth, Michael offers his school program to schools right across Australia including Outback school tours.

    Michael introduces children to positive thinking through a fun program of wonderful original songs with a great message.

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