Name: David Harrison
Position: Principal – Wagin District High School
Date: 17 June 2010

Michael Blake is a very generous man. He has been sharing his music, in schools throughout Western Australia, for over twenty years and he still has the passion to keep on doing it! Michael has a strong focus on the 5 Core Values, which underpin the Curriculum Framework in Western Australia, with a specific emphasis on respect for self, others and the environment.
Michael interacts positively with students from Early Childhood, 4 years old to Middle Adolescence, 15 years of age. One of his strengths is working in classes with students, where he skilfully facilitates the development of poetry and songs, which reflect the students’ responses to the topic, theme or issue.
Michael’s unique repertoire of songs, encapsulate a wide range of contemporary issues from non-smoking, positive self esteem, through to care for our fragile environment. He has released a number of recordings and his “Open the Door to a Happy Day” CD has enjoyed a great deal of success as a great family CD.
His passion for these recurrent themes is reflected in his music and he has a genuine desire to engage students with him in this. I have been an administrator at a number of schools where Michael has worked and on every occasion, he has been a resounding success!

Yours sincerely
David Harrison

Name: Jenny Gates
Position: Pre-Primary Teacher – Kingston Primary School
Date: 8th June 2010

I have used Michael’s music for 15 years with early childhood students. They love Mozzie Bites and its funny dance and catchy tune. No Hat No Play is our catch cry as we go outside. Open the Door to a Happy Day is the best way to start our school day. Teaching the students about their state fauna emblem with The Numbat Song is always a favourite. After learning the songs and then meeting the man in person the children are in awe. Michael’s connection with the children is special and he has them believing they are all special. A great performer of great motivational and fun songs, Michael Blake will always part of my school program.

Yours sincerely
Jenny Gates

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  • Happy Day Music Is...

    Happy Day Music is: Renowned children's songwriter and performer Michael Blake. His songs send messages to children about self-esteem, positive values, peace and harmony, healthy living and conservation.

    Based in Perth, Michael offers his school program to schools right across Australia including Outback school tours.

    Michael introduces children to positive thinking through a fun program of wonderful original songs with a great message.

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