School Program

Open the Door to a Happy Day is a beautifully positive school based program run by renowned performer Michael Blake. Michael is a children’s songwriter and entertainer of exceptional ability who introduces kids to positive thinking through a fun program of singing and action songs.

Michael’s songs send messages about self-esteem, good values, loving ourselves, achieving our personal best, world peace, healthy living and Conservation.

The program is run from Happy Day Music’s home in Perth, Western Australia but Michael offers the program to schools right across Australia. Michael also enjoys Outback school tours. To find out how to book Happy day Music for your school or organisation, fill in the form below and Michael will get in contact, or you can ring Michael directly on 0419 831 559.

Michael at School

Michael Blake comes to your school as a visiting songwriter, guitarist, singer and motivational speaker who captivates his audience in a fun and entertaining way. Michael’s program is educational and fun at its best – students, teachers and parents just love it. The suggested format for the all day program is:

  1. A whole school introduction
  2. Age-specific workshops throughout the day (lower, middle and upper primary)
  3. A whole school concert to finish the day

Class Session Times - The day starts with a 20 minute assembly concert of featured songs in Michael’s repertoir followed by up to 7 classroom sessions of 30 to 40 minutes duration (flexible), also can be longer for older students. The day concludes with a 30 minute Grand Finale Concert for the whole school, with parents invited.  Note: All the above session times are flexible but please keep in mind the attention span of the younger students. As an example  – K & PP: 20 Minutes Year 1 & Year 2: 30 Minutes Middle Primary: 40 Minutes Senior Primary: 45/50 Minutes, High School To Year 10: 50/60 Minutes.

Classroom sessions promote positive thinking, self-esteem, motivation, loving ourselves, setting achievable goals, role models, health issues, peace and harmony and anti-bullying. There are also fun songs including Mozzie Bites. Michael will even entertain the staff during recess or lunch time with a song especially for teachers.

Michael will require an indoor location in the school where he can set up  his guitar and connect his laptop to his speakers and a data projector or interactive whiteboard. Students and teachers will come to Michael’s sessions, bringing with them their imagination, sense of humour, creative minds and singing voices!

Primary School Graduation Events

In his graduation presentation, Michael speaks positively to the graduating class for several minutes and then introduces the graduation song, Goodbye To All Our Friends. The song lyrics are relevant and, with a lovely melody, this is a very beautiful and emotive song. Michael encourages the audience to sing along with him for the chorus.

The Graduation Presentation normally lasts around 15 minutes but Michael can continue with motivational speaking or a musical performance after this song performance, if requested. Please book using the form below.

  • Happy Day Music Is...

    Happy Day Music is: Renowned children's songwriter and performer Michael Blake. His songs send messages to children about self-esteem, positive values, peace and harmony, healthy living and conservation.

    Based in Perth, Michael offers his school program to schools right across Australia including Outback school tours.

    Michael introduces children to positive thinking through a fun program of wonderful original songs with a great message.

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