About Michael Blake

G’day and welcome to my website. I am Michael Blake, the Happy Day Music Man! I moved from Dublin City in Ireland to Western Australia in 1986 to start a new life with my family and I soon fell in love with Outback Australia. I love to travel this beautiful country and introduce my wonderful Open the Door to a Happy Day school program to schools in cities, country towns, the bush and remote community schools far and wide. I aim to take my positive songs to schools overseas as well! I am an established visiting songwriter, guitarist, singer and motivational speaker in Australian primary schools with over 20 years’ experience – and I just love it!

My Music

I started writing songs with a positive message for schools in 1989. Many of my songs have become very popular over the years, including:

  • Save Our World
  • Millions of Trees
  • No Hat No Play
  • The Numbat Song
  • Open the Door to a Happy Day
  • Dream It Believe It Achieve It YES
  • Goodbye to All Our Friends
  • Mozzie Bites

It has been said to me that no other person could present my songs the way I do simply because I am the writer, the performer and the entertainer – the funny man with the Irish accent! I have a great passion for what I do and a truly wonderful way of working with children. Some of my aliases are “Outback Paddy,” “the Mozzie Bites man,” “the No Hat No Play Man” and of course the “Open the Door to a Happy Day man!”

Forever Young

During my class sessions with children ages 3 to 6 years, the children often exclaim, “Michael, you are being a baby!” I always laugh and reply, “Yes, but I am a baby – I’m just an older baby than you!”

I have never let go of the child within me and I believe this contributes to the success

of my program with young children. It’s sad for me to see so many adults suppress

the child within them. Personally, I just love being a big kid who works with kids.

  • Happy Day Music Is...

    Happy Day Music is: Renowned children's songwriter and performer Michael Blake. His songs send messages to children about self-esteem, positive values, peace and harmony, healthy living and conservation.

    Based in Perth, Michael offers his school program to schools right across Australia including Outback school tours.

    Michael introduces children to positive thinking through a fun program of wonderful original songs with a great message.

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